Published artwork


In Chelsea Thompto, ed., TransAction: What I Say When I Say What I Shouldn’t. 2020.

“Listen”  (ink, watercolor)

in Keifer-Boyd., Hoeptner Poling, Pérez Miles, et al (Eds.). National Art Education Association Women’s Caucus Lobby ActivismFeminism(s) + art education. Taylor & Francis & National Art Education Association, 2019.

“Clownfish History”  (ink, watercolor)
Don Romesburg, History of Queer America. 2018

“One-Eyed Dog”  (ink, watercolor; 5th of 5-panel comic).
Transgender Studies Quarterly.  2016.

revisiting the paradigm (ink)
In Finn Enke, “Stuck in the Paradigm with You: Transfeminist Reflections on History and the Spaces of Contradiction.” Abigail Stewart and Sarah Fenstermaker, Gender, Considered: Feminist Reflections Across the U.S. Social Sciences. 2020

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